Dynamics NAV “The Object table does not exist.” error

The Problem

One week ago we started experiencing problem with compiling and importing objects into our clients test database. The error which pop-ups is the “The Object table does not exist.”. Aaaah… we had our share of headaches with NAV 2013 R2 architecture and we are sceptic about everything in nowadays.

The problem was even more curious because the same database worked well in our development environment. When we restore the SQL backup on our client’s test environment we cannot import or compile objects.

The Resolution

What I have determined, after SQL tracing, is that we had transfered trigger, in Object table of our development NAV database, along with the SQL backup :).

The trigger is used for SourceSafe database, for Object table on our development databases, so we could roll-back objects that had been changed or deleted and we had to restore previous versions.

The misleading of the displayed error was in the unfortunate coincidece of the name of “Object” tables both in our SourceSafe and NAV databases.

2 thoughts on “Dynamics NAV “The Object table does not exist.” error”

  1. Hi,

    I have the same issue on NAV2017 database. The database on new server gives exactly the same issue “THE OBJECT TABLE DOES NOT EXIST”. Also to inform the server is brand new and there is no other NAV or other database.

    I didn’t get much about transferring trigger in Object table. If you remember the old issue can you please update on how to find a resolution.


    1. This issue was that there was a SQL trigger in the database itself. To check this, you have to open your database with SQL Server Management Studio, open the database, find the table dbo.Object, click on the + (plus) sign next to the table name and there is a folder Triggers. In that folder was the trigger that was causing this issue.
      Also, you can check folder Database Triggers under the Programmability folder of the Database itself.


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