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No execute permission on ” CodeUnit with ID 1.

When our client tried to connect with RTC to the application server he got error:

No execute permission on ” CodeUnit with ID 1.

The problem was raised when the client’s administrator was instructed to tighten NAV security assigning each user “Role ID” and “Company Name” in Logins->Roles.

After that the users could not login to the application server giving them previous error.


I found the solution on another blog (http://thinkaboutit.be/2012/07/no-execute-permission-on-codeunit-with-id-1/)

Basically the “User personalization” was not set for users that had “Company Name” assigned to their login Role. “User personalization” is found under Administration->Application Setup->RoleTailored Client->User Personalization.

User Personalization
User Personalization.

Creating new record with user who has a “Company Name” assigned should solve the RTC login error.