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NAV 2013 R2 RunPageLink bug


If you have standard Page Action that uses RunPageLink on field that is an Option field, and the OptionCaption of that field has entry that uses & sign (“and” sign) the RunPageLink will not filter the underlying table correctly in Filter Group0.


The standard example would be Comment Line Table. If you define Page Action to run Comment Line Table, from some page, where RunPageLink uses filter on the field, that is of Option type and the OptionCaption (OptionCaptionML) of the field has & sign (“and” sign):


then the standard filter will not work:


After you change the OptionCaption (OptionCaptionML) of the field that is in RunPageLink filter to (note that OptionString still has & sign):2014-09-01_1510

the standard filter works as it is supposed to:

2014-09-01_1513Of course, when you run Page Action any other value of Option field, that doesn’t have & sign in OptionCaption, RunPageLink works properly.